25 April 2006 ~ 4 Comments

Skypephone w/o PC

If this works as expected I think it may just be the scariest thing to traditional voice providers since, well, Skype appeared on the PC. Amazon is taking pre-orders.

  • http://joao.hamala.pt Joao Correia

    Do you think Portuguese ISP’s/Voice Operators will try to boicot VoIP services like Skype or SIP connections over Wi-Fi ?

    Check SIP/GSM Phone Motorola CN620.

  • http://joaobeltrao.wordpress.com/ João Beltrão

    I want one of those! What I still don’t get however is why Skype doesn’t go the SIP route – after all, open standards make the market grow, right?

  • http://celso.arrifana.org Celso

    JC I think you should invest in packet shaping and QoS network equipment companies. There’s high demand for it, that’s for sure. Specially in the mobile world. VoIP and IP is bigger menace to the GSM biz. I don’t DSL and Cable ISPs will block any VoIP traffic. Despite the moral/legal issues they can’t afford it already for a variety of reasons.

  • http://celso.arrifana.org Celso

    JB, SIP is fine for contained operators who own their infrastructure but Skype has a better distributed protocol for general Internet usage where you have no guarantee of quality of service. But I wouldn’t be surprised if they 1. opened their protocol (which they’re doing to some extent already), 2. make a SIP gateway available.