01 May 2012 ~ 17 Comments

Ultimaker 3D printer timelapse

So, recently I became a member of the home 3D printers early starters community and got myself an Ultimaker.

I thought I’d do a time-lapse video of the whole assembly process, including the first 3D print.

It took me 3 days to complete the building instructions but the result is pretty awesome.

Congratulations to the Ultimaker team for making such a wonderful machine and putting together such great documentation, I still think it’s a miracle this thing actually printed an almost perfect black cube at the first attempt.

The time-lapse was made using a Canon 5DM2 camera and software, Time Lapse Assembler, Final Cut Pro X and Garage Band for composing the music. Enjoy.

Here’s the H.264 file for the flash unfriendly user. And if everything else fails, here’s a copy of the video at Vimeo.

  • http://pedromourapinheiro.com/ Pedro Moura Pinheiro

    Lots of work! Do you think it needs a lot of tweaking or were you happy with the first results?

    • http://arrifana.org/blog/ Celso Martinho

      I’m very happy with the first print. From what I read, I think I got lucky :) But now I need to experiment with the settings and other materials, there’s lots of room for improvement.

      Also, thanks for the timelapse software hints ;)

      • http://pedromourapinheiro.com/ Pedro Moura Pinheiro

        You’re welcome! If you need some more test objects let me know! :-) I’m thinking of getting a smaller printer for myself.

  • Antonio Gil


  • http://twitter.com/tsbnunes Tiago Nunes

    Congrats on such a thorough project!
    As if the assembly was not enough, you took the time to document the whole process and even compose the music for the video.
    Thank you for sharing and happy printing!

    • http://arrifana.org/blog/ Celso Martinho

      Having a camera on the tripod while assembling the printer was hardly work and composing the samples^H^H music in Garage Band is a child’s play and lots of fun. Thanks :)

  • http://twitter.com/tonyvirtual António Lopes

    Awesome work and video! Now I was just wondering: how many of the printer’s components can actually be printed on the printer? Very meta, I know :)

    • http://arrifana.org/blog/ Celso Martinho

      There’s nothing meta about that. In fact, the Ultimaker is an open-source RepRap based 3D printer, which by definition is a self-replicating manufacturing machine.

       You can read more at http://reprap.org/

  • Ricardo Saramago

    Amazing stuff!!!

  • DValente

    Well done Celso. Awesome video.

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    Great stuff ;)

  • Mattfrench92

    Bottom right of computer screen…. Videoception anyone?

  • Rui Inacio

    Great stuff! Do you have an idea about the running costs of such a printer?

    • http://arrifana.org/blog/ Celso Martinho

      Relatively cheap. 10m of plastic filament costs between 20 to 40€, depending on various factors and you can print a s*load of stuff with it, really.

      • Rui Inacio

         Thanks for the info. I thought it was more expensive. I must get me one of those.

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  • Gonçalo

    Which model is this?