These are the terms of usage for this Blog. I felt the need to write them as this site became increasingly popular, attracting all kinds of people outside the initial targeted audience. Here goes:

First of all this is me.

Secondly, I have many motivations in my life – thank god, but only a few are in the scope of this Blog: Technology, programming, entrepreneurship, innovation, and Internet (or simply “the Web” as its known these days). I write for my friends, for geeks and people with these common interests and for those who like my work and what I do, and for myself.

Third, I don’t write for audience, I don’t care about SEO techniques, I don’t mind about planets, ratings or any other traffic or self-promotion instruments.

Fourth, my current employer is PT Comunicações SA (the company behind SAPO), from the Portugal Telecom group. I do not post about my work unless the topic is already public (ie: it’s referenced somewhere already) and the topic is within the scope of my personal interests, not professional. This is all but a corporate blog.

Fifth, the shocking part. When it comes to technology I’m an arrogant bastard. I earned it and I actually think this it’s a good thing. Arrogance is underestimated and misunderstood. Most of my idols are arrogant at what they do best and that’s precisely why they’re an inspiration to me. Think about this.

Sixth, this is my Blog and these are my opinions. This is not a public forum or a corporate blog (see 4). If you’re going to comment and disagree with me on any level other than technology or internet (see 2), please don’t, just go away. You’re also not welcome to comment if you plan to have opinions on me or anyone on the blog, or if you lack a decent education.

This clarification should be enough for most ogres peeking around lately. The rest, you know who you are, be very welcome and sorry about this.

This is my disclaimer.